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Over the years, a number of news organizations have published articles and favorable editorials about ballot-access reform. We would like to give those publications the recognition they deserve. We will publish links here as we find them.


June 19, 2015:

Associated Press

June 16, 2015: Libertarians, Green Party seek access to Oklahoma ballot

The Oklahoman

May 14, 2015: Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin signs ballot access bill


June 16, 2015: Libertarians, Greens partner over ballot access


The Oklahoman

Ideas to improve voter turnout merit Oklahoma lawmakers’ attention – Jan. 30, 2015: The Oklahoman supports a wide array of legislation aimed at increasing voter turnout.

Online voter registration proposal for Oklahoma merits consideration – Nov. 18, 2014: The Oklahoman writes about its support for an online voter registration proposal.

For some, a glimmer of good news from Oklahoma’s low voter turnout – Nov. 13, 2014: The Oklahoman discusses the low voter turnout and its positive impact on future petitions for party access and initiative petitions.

Oklahoma initiative petition process needs to change – Oct. 26, 2014: The Oklahoman speaks out against the harsh requirements to get an initiative petition on the ballot.

Oklahoma should make ballot access easier for third parties – Dec. 11, 2012: The Oklahoman specifically calls for a reduction in the signatures needed to form a new party.

For third parties, maybe 2010 – May 23, 2009: The Oklahoman laments the failure of HB1072 to pass into law.

Party push: Taking a small step for ballot access – Mar. 2, 2009: The Oklahoman expresses support for HB1072 while also noting that the written language of the bill is still too burdensome.

Barr fight: Ballot access is candidate’s focus – Jul. 17, 2008: The Oklahoman mentions how difficult it is for an Independent or alternative presidential candidate to get on the ballot.

Scissor Tales: Saturday, January 19, 2008: The Onlahoman calls for the Legislature to put ballot access reform on the ballot as a state question.

ScissorTales: Party poppers – Sep. 22, 2007: The Oklahoman talks about OBAR’s effort to get ballot access on the state ballot as a state question.

Direct democracy: Is ballot access too limited? – Jun. 25, 2007: The Oklahoman speaks out against a law banning out of state petitioners. The law was later struck down in the courts.

Foiled again: Access reformers lose another round – Jun. 4, 2007: The Oklahoman talks about the Libertarian party’s loss in the courts over Oklahoma’s harsh ballot access laws.

‘High burden’: Fighting for ballot access – Mar. 21, 2007: The Oklahoma talks about a Libertarian legal challenge to Oklahoma’s high ballot access requirements.

Glass half full for independents – Nov. 3, 2006: The Oklahoman recognizes the importance of Independent candidatess in elections.

Tulsa World

Reduce the threshold for ballot access – May 12, 2015: The Tulsa world calls on Governor Fallin to sign HB2181 into law. They also express disappointment that the law did not keep the 1% requirement.

Proposal for easier ballot access would strengthen elections – Feb. 20, 2015: The Tulsa World supports HB2181, a bill that would reduce the party petitioning requirement to 1% of the last governors election.

Comprehensive set of state election law changes deserves legislative consideration – Jan. 24, 2015: The Tulsa World supports a wide assortment of election reform bills introduced in 2015.

Editorial: Lower requirement for political party recognition – Apr. 7, 2014: The Tulsa World calls on the Legislature to pass HB2134 to reform Oklahoma’s ballot access laws.

Enid News

Oklahoma’s presidential candidate choices are hindered by restrictive ballot access laws – Sep. 20, 2012: The Enid News talks about Oklahoma’s harsh ballot access laws limiting the number of candidates on the Presidential ballot.

Edmond Sun

OUR VIEW: Ballot process needs some changes – Nov. 15, 2014: The Edmond Sun supports the idea that if only two candidates, regardless of party, are in a race for office, both candidates more directly to the November election.

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