OBAR News Roundup: Friday, August 16, 2013

Judge Overturns 2010 Ballot Measure

In 2010, over 70%  of voters approved SQ755 which would have banned international and religious law, specifically Sharia law, from consideration in court. That questions was promptly challenged by CAIR, an advocacy organization for Islamic Americans. A US District Court Judge has now ruled that the law cannot go into effect. The ruling states that the law violates the religious freedoms of individuals in Oklahoma.

GOP Distancing Itself From Mitt Romney

After the failed presidential campaign of Mitt Romney, the 2016 GOP presidential hopefuls are busy trying to distance themselves from the former candidate.

GOP Seeking to Ban CNN and NBC From Debates

CNN and NBC are both looking to air documentaries and mini-series about Hillary Clinton. Because of this, the GOP is going to vote on whether to allow those two networks to take part in any GOP debates for President.

Do Some Campaign Finance Laws Violate The First Amendment?

That is the question when it comes to how much money a candidate for federal office can suggest to be donated to a PAC. While there are limits to how much money an individual can donate to a candidate, there are no such limits for PACs. But under law, a candidate cannot recommend that you donate to a PAC in amounts greater than the limit on donating to that candidate.

Is This The End Of Policy?

Currently, the GOP is in a state of flux. Minor factions within the party seek to determine the future directions of the whole Republican party. The Democratic Party may also be running out of steam. It is likely that within the next few years, both parties will announce sweeping changes to their stated policies.

Ohio Groups Seek Injunction On False Statement Law

A law in Ohio makes it illegal to knowingly make false statements about a candidate or ballot question. Two Ohio based groups are seeking to overturn that law in court. However, no court in the past has made an attempt to rule on the constitutionality of the law.

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