Deadline Looming For Ballot Access Reform Bill; Needs Senate Sponsor

Oklahoma Legislators must introduce all bills for the 2013 Legislative Session by December 14th, 2012 in order to be heard. This means that if a Ballot Access Reform bill is to be introduced, it must be done in the next few days or it must wait till 2014. This bill should not have to wait that long.

According to the Libertarian Facebook page, this bill needs a Senator to introduce it before that time.

Oklahoma legislature deadline: 14 Dec.
We need a Senator to agree to introduce a Ballot Access Reform Bill (Title 26-1-108.2). Eliminate the 5% requirement. Prior to 1974 petition only required 5000 valid signatures. Not the number requires more that 50,000. Due to validity issues you have to add 30% more. Can you help?

The House has a member that is willing to introduce a reform bill, but only if the bill can be introduced in the Senate as well. If a bill is not introduced in both houses, then it is dead in the water and this House member would not want to waste one of his eight allotments on a bill that has zero chance of being heard.

So we are putting out the request that you contact your State Senator and ask him or her to introduce such a bill for this session. Please do so in the next few days as the deadline is less than a week away.

If you have any questions of who your State Senator is, visit the “Find My Legislature” page and enter your adress. This page will tell you who your State Representative, State Senator and US Congressman are as well as provide their names, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses.