New Legislation Would Require Fingerprints, Photo To Register To Vote

Representative Perryman, Democrat District 56In 2010, voters approved a ballot measure to require those voting to show proof of ID before being allowed to cast their ballot. A host of identification was listed as acceptable proof of identity with State issued drivers licenses, state issued ID cards and the voter registration card being among them. Yet, one Representative wants to take this a step further.

Representative Perryman, Democrat District 56, has introduced HB3150 that would require everyone who is a new voter or anyone seeking to change their registration to submit to both fingerprint imaging and photo in order to fully register. Under this legislation, these images would be stored in a database created and hosted by the State Election Board.

The legislation tries to sweeten the deal by making this imaging as an alternative to showing an ID card. So if you don’t want to show your ID or don’t have an ID card, then you can request your fingerprint to be scanned at the ballot box.

For those who are currently registered, the legislation states that the fingerprint and photo requirements are strictly voluntary, that is unless you move, change political affiliation or change your name. At that point, it is a requirement to get a new registration card.

For those who may be concerned about the privacy implications of this database, the legislation attempts to rectify this. The massive database of voter fingerprints, photos, birthdays, address and other personally identifiable information will only be made available to law enforcement if they have a “court order from a judge of competent jurisdiction.” We will be watching this bill closely.