Remember What Independence Day Is Really About

Declaration of Independence

As we gather with friends and family this coming July 4th, Independence Day, we need to remember what this holiday is truly about. It isn’t about barbecue, fireworks, beer, or even about a day off from work. It isn’t just some day in which we are allowed to handle and set off low density explosives around other people. It is a day in which our forefathers chose to become traitors and wanted men in order to free their fellow men, their families and friends, from the shackles of tyranny.

As we sit in our lawn chairs, around picnic tables, eating hot dogs and hamburgers, as we watch the beautiful and colorful display of mortars and rockets, let us remember the sacrifice and danger that those men took upon themselves so that we may be free to do so. We are not able to celebrate because our oppressors took pity on us and freed us willingly. No. We are here because a brave selection of our forefathers risked everything to take our freedom back and give it to us. Why did they do this? Because it was in their hearts and souls to do so.

As we sit around with friends and family, let us remember these brave men and those who fought along side them to bring us the freedoms we enjoy. But let us not forget that this fight from tyranny and oppression is never over. Continue reading