OBAR News Roundup: Friday, August 9, 2013

Starting today, I am going to be posting links to recent news stories that may be of interest to our readers. These are items, that while interesting and related to our mission, are not something we will be dedicating a full article to.

In Today’s edition, we have news from Alabama and its double standard in filing deadlines, Write-in Votes being a worthwhile ballot option, NewsOK worried that with only 16 months till the next election that it might be too slow, Senator Inhofe actually is seeking reelection, further reporting on RJ Harris’ campaign for Governor, and one TulsaWorld reader feels it shameful that a Congressman still has a day job.

Alabama’s Double Standard

For Independent and alternative candidates, filing deadlines are a hard cut off. If you don’t file your candidacy paperwork before 12 noon, you will not get on the ballot. But for Alabama Democrats, that deadline is flexible. Alabama allowed the Democratic party to file its list of candidates for a special election over an hour late, because it would have been unfair to not let them on the ballot. Let’s see if that holds true the next time an Independent or alternative candidate files late.

Write-in Candidate for Detroit Mayor Wins

Don’t let anyone tell you that casting a write-in vote is a waste of your time. Mike Duggan won enough votes as a write-in in the Mayoral non-partisan primary to appear on the final election ballot.

Slow Election Year For Oklahoma?

NewsOk feels that with only 16 months till the 2014 elections, things should be a little more interesting. It feels that we should be having a faster paced election. Personally, I feel that it is nice to have some breathing room between elections. Of course, NewsOK still has not reported on RJ Harris’ candidacy for Governor.

Senator Inhofe Seeking Reelection

This should come as no surprise, but Senator Inhofe is running for reelection. In response to some opposition stating that he might be too old to run, he responded that he can still fly a plane upside down. If he is not too old to do that, he is not too old to run for reelection.

Further Reporting on RJ Harris’ Campaign

Local Libertarian news site, The Otter Limits, reported on our coverage of RJ Harris’ announcement that he will run for Governor as a Democrat. Steve Long added to the story by reminding us that not only has RJ run for office twice against US Rep. Tom Cole, but he had also ran for the Libertarian nomination for President.

Shameful For Congressman To Have A Day Job

One TulsaWorld reader feels that it is shameful that US Rep. Mullin is still advertising for his local plumbing business. He feels that it is beneath a US Congressman to still have a day job. Apparently, when you have two jobs devoted to dealing with crap, you need to drop one.

That’s it for today. I can’t promise these everyday, but I will have plenty of links in the future.

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