OBAR News Roundup: Tuesday, August 13, 2013

We forgot to post the Monday news Roundup, so you are getting an extra does comprising the weekend, Monday and Tuesday’s news. Enjoy.

We Need To Hold Politicians Accountable

One NewsOK reader feels that we need to be holding our elected officials accountable for their time in office. He feels we need to demand an itemized listing of their work in office.

Is the Popular Vote The Best Way?

Another News OK reader believes that the national popular vote is the best way to elect the President. She feels that under the current system it is easy to have your vote “not count”.

Senator Inhofe Supports His Positions And Votes

Senator Inhofe has taken the defensive in regards to his voting history and positions. He staunchly defends his pro-military and foreign aid positions.

Republicans Should Focus On Criminal Justice Reform

NewsOK editorial discusses the need for Oklahoma Republicans to abandon their desire to be seen as “tough on crime” and pass much needed criminal justice reform.

One Topic Is Enough

When it comes to special sessions of the Oklahoma Legislature, News OK believes that it should remain focused on a single subject. Anything more than that should be saved for the normal session.

Governor Fallin Transparent To A Fault

One Tulsa World reader believes that Governor Fallin has kept her promise to be transparent. She sees the request for a special session to be a very transparent action in support of her Insurance campaign backers.

Not Happy With Editorial Change

After the recent sale of the Tulsa World, one reader is not happy with its announced change to editorialize more towards the right.

Ethics Reform Suggestions

The new director of the State Ethics Commission has announced his intent to reform many of Oklahoma’s campaign ethics laws. The editors of the Tulsa World have some suggestions.

Pennsylvania Attempting Ballot Access Reform

Oklahoma isn’t the only state with poor ballot access laws. Pennsylvania also has its problems. The Green Party and other alternative parties are trying to reform some of the harshest laws on the books.

North Carolina Election Bill Signed Into Law; Promptly Challenged In Court

North Carolina Governor signed the omnibus election law bill into law. This law includes new VoterID provisions and restrictions on Early voting. It is the latter provisions that have prompted the Leagur of Women Voters to challenge the law in court just hours after being signed.

Governor Fallin Issues Executive Order Setting Date For Special Session

Governor Fallin has set a date for the special legislative session to work on lawsuit reform. The date will be September 3rd.

Some Tulsa County Voters Will Be Voting Today

Those in Tulsa County District 3 will be voting for a new County Commissioner today. If you live there, don’t forget to vote.

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