OBAR News Roundup: Friday, August 23, 2013

In the news from the last few days we have several lawsuits involving election and ballot access laws. We have some complaints about and suggestions for the current political process. We also have some interesting data about where income is coming and going in the US.

Three Lawsuits Filed Against North Carolina Election Law

Three separate lawsuits have been filed against the election bill signed into law by the North Carolina Governor. Two lawsuits are over the voter ID requirements and one is regarding provisions changing early voting.

US Government Files Lawsuit Over Texas VoterID Law

After the Supreme Court struck down part of the Voting Rights Act, the US Attorney General continued the fight against restrictive voting regulations. He has filed a lawsuit against Texas’ recent voter ID law.

Kansas And Arizona File Joint Lawsuit

Kansas and Arizona both had a change to their voter registration forms struck down. These changes required proof of citizenship to be included with the voter registration form. These were struck down as they did not conform with federal regulations. Kansas and Arizona have filed suit to have these regulations brought back.

Budgets Should Be Created In The Public Eye

After a failed lawsuit to block a $2 million appropriation to a private livestock show, NewsOK believes the bigger problem is that such spending is added to appropriations bills without proper oversight. The editorial board feels that each item should get public scrutiny.

True To Party But Still Vote On Character

One Tulsa World reader believes that it is possible to be true to your party and still vote for people based on character. We just need to stop voting blindly for party. Not all candidates running for office under a party label would be good for the citizens.

Tulsa Approves $918 Million Capital Improvement Deal

The Tulsa City Council has worked out a deal with Tulsa County and will be placing a $918 million capital improvement question on the coming November ballot.

Oklahoma Lost Over $400 Million In Income From 2000 to 2010

A recent review of census data organized the flow of income in and out of states over the course of 10 years from 2000 to 2010. In this data, we see that some of the biggest losses are in California and New York while Texas and Florida made some of the biggest gains. Oklahoma was in the negative with a loss of over $400 million in that period.

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