OBAR News Roundup: Monday, August 26, 2013

In the news from the past weekend, we have new poll data on who likes the federal government more than movies, Senator Coburn makes comments about impeaching President Obama, Oklahoma is losing its political clout, Oklahoma’s efforts to prevent cross state voter fraud, and how much effort and money it takes to get a question on the ballot.

More Democrats Like The Federal Government Than Republicans

New poll data from Gallup shows that more Democrats like the Federal Government than do Republicans. However, not a whole lot of Democrats are happy with it. Additionally, the younger you are, the more likely you are to be happy with the Federal Government. There is also some data about other private and public organizations and how much people like them.

Senator Coburn Makes Impeachment Comments

In a town hall meeting last week, Senator Coburn made some statements about potential impeachment proceedings against President Obama. These comments were not all that well received by the public or the White House.

Oklahoma Ranks 38th In Political Influence

In a recent ranking of the states based on the influence their congressmen have on federal policy, Oklahoma ranks 38th in the nation. This is a large fall from the 2001 high of 20th. This may be due to Oklahoma having 3 very new Congressmen in office.

Oklahoma Part Of Voter Fraud Prevention Program

Oklahoma is one of 24 states to enter into a program to prevent potential voter fraud in which voters register in multiple states and vote in each. While this program has yet to reveal any substantial fraud, with only one case being referred to prosecution in Oklahoma, it has at least helped clear the rolls of duplicate registrations.

Democracy Resources Posts Initiative Costs

Democracy Resources, a professional petitioning service, has posted the costs and potential timelines for getting a state question on the November 2014 ballot for a number of states including Oklahoma. To get a statutory question, the type that Ballot Access Reform would be, it would cost $266,085. More on this later.

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