OBAR News Roundup: Wednesday, August 28, 2013

In today’s news report, we have a bunch of journalists in Virginia wondering why they are not covering 3rd party candidates, Oklahoma House members abusing the public media office, an editorial questioning why we treat politicians as an elite class, the DNC chairwoman explaining the battle plan for the next election, survey showing that Oklahoma voters support judicial elections, and News OK reporter Michael McNutt joining Governor Fallin’s staff.

Journalist Wonder Why They’re Not Covering 3rd Parties

A¬†bunch of Virginian journalists are wondering why other journalists aren’t covering the Libertarian candidate for Governor Robert Sarvis. They pose this question while they themselves practically ignore him at every turn. At least they are actually openly questioning their reporting.

OK House Members Abusing Public Media Office

A news report is showing that many members of the Oklahoma House are abusing the Public Media Office to send personal and campaign related materials. These self promotions are not what the Public Media Office was meant to relay, but they don’t have the discretion to not send them on.

Why Are Politicians Treated As An Elite Class?

A recent editorial question why politicians are increasingly treated as an elite class which is immune to many of the basic laws governing the rest of us. The Editorial also questions whether such immunity is even Constitutional.

DNC Chairwoman Outlines Battle Plans

DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz¬†has sent out an email detailing the Democratic Party’s battle plan for coming elections. Part of that plan is to expand voting rights for all Americans. Would they support equal ballot access for alternative parties?

Most Oklahomans Support Judicial Elections

A recent poll of Oklahoma voters shows that the vast majority support elections for appellate justices and judges over the current commission based system. This poll comes in conjunction with a OK Sentate bill that would pose just such a question to voters in the 2014 election.

Michael McNutt To Join Governor Fallin’s Staff

Long time News OK political journalist Micheal McNutt will be joining Governor Fallin’s team as press secretary. He will be starting in that role within the week.

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